Why horses, why FEEL?

FEEL is Equine Assisted Learning

Why horses, why FEEL?

FEEL is a leading-edge modality for developing human potential. In experiential interactions with horses, people gain self-knowledge and acquire skills leading to positive life changes.I love to experience the magic with the horses and what they teach us about being in the present, being our autentic self, with body, mind and spirit.Experience the magic in human and horse interactions. Strenghten the connection between humans, horses and nature.

Monica Larsson is a certified FEEL practioner (Facilitated Equine Experimental Learning) ®, FEEL® Faciliator Program Sweden 2016-2017, 6 months intensive education program with the founders of FEEL: Wendy Golding and Andre Leclipteux under the non-profit organisation Horse Spirits Connections.

Equine Assisted Learning is a heart-centred connection which creates new and profound insights. If you love horses, dream of horses or are simply drawn to the spirit of the Horse, come and experience this special human-horse bond.

The FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® Approach will facilitate the reconnection of your heart and soul inspiring healing and growth. It is a leading edge modality which involves the horses’ willing participation as partners in assisting humans to discover their potential. Interacting on the ground with a horse is a unique time of discovery and reflection which raises consciousness for both humans and horses.

Engaging with horses allows you to create a relationship with a being who offers unconditional support and love without judgment.  These intimate ‘felt’ moments foster transformation and healing at a deep level, while connecting you to something greater.

Experience the magic in human and horse interactions. Strenghtening the connection between humans, horses and nature.

FEEL helps to

build self-confidence, develop leadership skills, nurture emotional agility, manage stress, strengthen relationships, improve communication, identify goals, find your path, overcome personal limitations, protect and set up boundaries, experience with all senses, find a connection to yourself, improve well being.

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Monica Larsson

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