Samtal på transsibiriska

En dokumentärfilm om Aspergers syndrom av Monica Larsson i samarbete med Hanna Persson och Jakob Persson filmad under  resan på Transsibiriska Järnvägen, Moskva – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing, filmen är 22 minuter.

”Trans-Siberian Conversations”

How does it work for a person with within the autism spectrum like Asperger’s Syndrome?
Both as a mother and as an artist I have been thinking – how does it work?

The same person can be so good at certain things and have so much trouble with other things, it is not visible on the outside, but it easily causes misunderstandings and conflicts.

How do the senses work? How is it when the senses have a different sensitivity than ”normal” and one has difficulty reading body language, faces and understanding social contexts?

The film is about Jakob Person, who has Asperger Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism. The conversations during a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway discuss and describe how a person with Asperger’s can understand, perceive and orient themselves in his or her surroundings. The conflicts, flaws and situations that arise, among other things, due to Jakob’s functional variation, are included in the film and also aha experiences. The undisturbed time during the trip allows the conversations to continue after and through misunderstandings and conflicts. The landscape outside train windows changes slowly during the conversation.

The film is made in collaboration with the small family consisting of Jakob Persson, Hanna Person, film student and sister, Monica Larsson, artist and mother. The small and family film team makes us come close to the people.

These include communication and social interaction. As Jakob says in the movie: It takes energy to understand what people mean – the first understanding is always literal. It takes energy to translate what people say to what people mean. ”The only thing you have to go on is the word said”.

The film is also about perception, about not being able to see a whole just seeing details, ”Not seeing the forest for the trees”, about navigating, relating to time and space, the inner world and the outer world. Having an uneven talent profile, about fatigue and recovery.
As Jakob says:

”When you have what you need, even function variation is not noticed.”

Trans-siberien conversations