The Lake, was recently shown in the exhibition ANOTHER NATURE, an artistic exchange between Studio 44 Stockholm and A.I.R Gallery New York.
About THE LAKE: A Short film. Tarn - a small lake close to the sea, where one of my friends has a cabin. Location, Kont in Västerbotten, Northern Sweden. We have been there many times walking and talking in the forest. It is a special place that has that kind of magic that some places have. The lake is located right next to an old forest and the sea - the Baltic. It was summer, I could not sleep and went out into the bright summer night, with the camera and tripod. It never gets really dark, the sun just goes down behind the treetops a while and then up again. I wanted to make a portrait of forest lake filmed in the magic light. For me the forest and nature is one place to breathe in and just be. Nature let us be part of sharing the universe. I work intuitively , ideas often come during the work. I had a idea about making a silent movie, still but still moving.